It's winter in Utah and that means that searching for the perfect easy and comforting soup is a must. 

While winter storms rage around and the cold is biting, a comforting soup that takes little to put together is a treat. Utahns may want to try this recipe from Easy Weeknight Recipes that makes a unique spin on potato soup without all the chopping.  

The creamy leek and potato soup is a must-try and has a high recipe rating. So, not only is the recipe easy, but it also tastes great.  


The ingredients are relatively cheap and there is a decent chance you’ll have most of them on hand. Potatoes, butter, olive oil, and garlic are some of the main ingredients, and of course, leeks.  

You simply chop the ingredients, sauté for a few minutes, throw the rest of the ingredients in the pot, and cook for about 22 to 25 minutes. In total, it takes about 35 to 40 minutes to put together. The recipe calls for croutons to be added to the soup, however, I used freshly baked sliced bread with butter for dipping.  

I also recommend adding some grated parmesan and maybe some Tabasco to the recipe if you would like a bit more spice to your soup.  

The recipe also calls for fresh garlic but if you’re like me, you can just use some chopped garlic from a jar to make this recipe even easier.  

Here is the original recipe, and I hope this helps busy Utahns everywhere have an easy and comforting meal. Let me know if you try it.  

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