Since it’s cold outside, most people won’t be thinking of going swimming anytime soon unless it’s in a hot spring, and Utah has several.  

Finding Hot Springs has mapped out the 12 best places for both artificial and natural hot springs in the state. There are even two hot springs here in Southern Utah! 

Southern Utah Hot Springs 

Veyo Pool Resort 

This is an artificial “hot spring” located in Veyo, Utah just outside of St. George. In the summer, this place is CROWDED so now might be a good time to check it out before all the little ones' head over during the break.  

Pah Tempe Hot Springs 

Unfortunately, these guys have been permanently closed for a few years and are not allowed for soaking. The waters are now controlled by the Washington County Water Conservancy District.  

Central Utah Hot Springs 

Meadow Hot Springs 

Outside of Fillmore, Utah, there is the Meadow Hot Springs, which are geothermal waters open to the public.  

Mystic Hot Springs 

These are mineral springs that are technically manned by staff with two concrete pools and old-style iron bathtubs. You must reserve your passes, which are good for a two-hour time slot. This is in Monroe, Utah.  

Baker Hot Springs 

Heading toward the northern part of Utah is the Baker Hot Springs in Delta. This is considered a roadside attraction and is another geothermal pool open to the public, no reservation necessary.  

There are several more hot springs located up north, and they vary from artificial to natural. I have never been to a hot springs and wonder which ones are your favorites in the state.  

Let me know! 


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