What my journals will teach my grandkids about me:

If you're like me, you grew up in a family and church that stressed writing in journals.  I was often told to write down "even one sentence a day" so future generations can know something about me.

Well after several years of being taught to journal and keep track of my life, what do I have to show for it?  About 10 journals with just one entry each.

I was a horrible journal keeper.  I never knew what to write down.  For instance, how beneficial can my crushes in middle school be?  And yet, that was really all I thought about in middle school.

If my grandkids were to only know things about me that were written in my journals, this is what they would know about me.

  1. Joshua Jenkins (not his real name) is going to be my husband! 
  2. My crush did drugs every day during lunch but I believed I could change him.  
  3. My parents don’t understand what I’m going through. 
  4. If I put my locker combination to a song, it’s easier to memorize. (37-7-17) 
  5. If during French class I only think of Joshua, I will fail French. 
  6. I failed French
  7. Horrible acne is not a reasonable reason to be excused from school. 
  8. Joshua has a really cool truck. 
  9. “Bonnie Jenkins” written 100 times in cursive does not actually change your real name. 
  10.  Pajama pants are a comfortable option when nothing else fits.

Seriously, that's all my grandkids will know about me.

New year’s resolution: Try writing about someone other than Joshua Jenkins.

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