If you live in Southern Utah, you may know that there are several great places for different foods...except for a wonderful chili/hot dog place. 

If you do know of one, please share your secret! 

For those lucky ducks up north, there are several great food places that specialize in hot dogs and chili dogs with great reviews on Yelp. 

Here are a few locations to brag about: 

Utah Killer Dogs 

This is a food truck located in East Central and there are not a ton of choices, but they have some “killer” reviews and interesting items. You get a choice of all beef dogs, Polish dogs, and German-style bratwursts. They also have a special sauce with their items called “killer sauce” which is supposed to be great! 

Myungrang Hotdog  

Located in South Jordan, this hot dog joint is a really interesting place. It specializes in Korean hotdogs and unique flavors. You can get a more American hot dog with a sausage center covered in crispy batter and cheese. Or, you can have a rice cake covered in batter. There are a ton of options, and this place has a few other U.S. locations.  

Dawgz N’ Leenks 

For those who enjoy a “true” hot dog, you can grab one at Dawgz N’ Leenks. They have a chili-smothered dog. You can also get a more traditional Chicago-style hot dog with sauerkraut, mustard, and ketchup if you want. They even have a veggie option with a plant-based Frankfurt. To make it even better, this is an actual hot dog stand in Salt Lake City.  

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