St. George is FULL of trails and cool scenery, but this trail is great for a small hike or a rock-climbing adventure.  

Montezuma Trailhead is out in Bloomington Hills but it’s totally worth the drive! It’s also a great place to bring your dogs! I took my small corgi, Lucy, on Sunday, and it was the perfect little hike.  

So, where is Montezuma Trailhead? 

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This little trail is right off the road between some houses so you could miss it if you aren’t paying attention. There is a small rock/dirt clearing to pull off into and then the trail heads up toward the cliffs. Though there is a path, there are a lot of rocky areas to watch out for.  

It’s a wash and with the surrounding cliffs, you’ll want to watch the weather for flash flooding, and it would be easy to get caught.  

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The Montezuma Trailhead Hike 

The hike itself is not too taking for the first little bit. If you decide to try the rock-climbing adventure part, it will be a little more challenging. It’s soft dirt on the path which narrows the closer you get to the cliffs.  

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If you are hiking with friends, the path gets narrow enough that you will need to be single file. It gets really cramped between some of the larger boulders around the area. But it’s beautiful scenery and the close proximity of the rocks takes you away from everything even if just for a moment.  

Lucy, even with her short legs, was able to enjoy the hike and even make it over all the boulders without any assistance. Safe to say, this is a fantastic trail to take your dogs on a short 30-minute (about) hike. 

With that said, it’s summer and you’ll want to go to ANY trail early in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler. Keep your pets from overheating! 

Where should Lucy and I head out next?  

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