Everyone and their mother have been posting back-to-school photos, sentiments, and more and as a childless adult I didn’t get it...until today.  

I still don’t have a child, but I do have a two-year-old corgi pup named Lucy. She is my heart and soul and about as spoiled as a dog can be. We go everywhere together lately, and I decided this week that she should go to doggy daycare to be with some other dogs. Ironically, it’s also the first day of school for MANY Southern Utah Kiddos(human).  

There are several places in Southern Utah to take your dog but the most highly rated is the Animal Tender and Pet Resort. It has a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews and many options for whatever your dog needs. This is where I wanted Lucy to go.  

I called on Monday after filling out all the online applications for vaccines, behaviors, allergies, medications, etc. Is this what parents do for school? I’m sure that process is much more involved.  

Anyway, the girl was absolutely fantastic on the phone and answered all my questions. I tried to mentally prepare for today but honestly, you can’t. I’m sure parents (of humans) understand.  

Lucy was ready to go this morning and so we drove over and already dogs and people were flooding the place. A very good sign.   

Shortly after walking in Lucy and I met ANOTHER corgi named Peaches. It was her first time seeing another corgi since she was a baby. It felt like it was meant to be and so I dropped her off and now, she’s having the time of her life. 

But I miss her terribly.  

So, here is what you need to know when taking your pet to “school”. 

  • DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Not all pet boarding places are the same and your pet is your child. They deserve the best as any human kid would.  
  • Make sure your dog is ready for doggy daycare. If you’re unsure you can always do a trial and the boarding places should be happy to accommodate.  
  • Check and see if your dog has allergies or may need medication. This is something the daycare will absolutely need to know.  
  • If your dog is not really super friendly with others, some places like the Animal Tender and Pet Resort offer solitary care.  
  • If you work from home, be prepared to feel VERY weird and slightly sad that your dog is gone. If you’re like me, you might even request pictures... 


Courtesy of Animal Tender and Pet Resort of Lucy
Courtesy of Animal Tender and Pet Resort of Lucy


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