If you’ve noticed yourself sneezing a lot more or getting a bit itchier, you’re not the only one. There is a chance your dog is feeling the coming of Spring too.  

Utah is welcoming Spring and it's already starting to see flowers bloom and more wildlife come out from hibernation.  

As beautiful as that all sounds, allergies are a part of the incoming Spring, and your fur babies will be suffering. Dogtopia has a few tips on how to help your dog's handle these seasonal allergies. Just like humans, your dog can have allergies to pollens from plants and trees, dust and even feathers.  

Some ways to tell if your pup has allergies are constant liking, scratching chewing, irritated red skin, and even hair loss. If you see any of these signs here are a few things you can try before calling the vet, which can be rather expensive.  

Your Walk Routine 

If possible, try walking your dog at times when pollen levels are lower. Early mornings and late afternoons are when pollen is at its highest levels. Try to avoid fields and parks where there is a lot of pollen and maybe find an indoor play place.  

It could also be a good idea to use a wet cloth or hypoallergenic wipe to clean any leftover pollen on your dog's feet and face after a walk.  

Clean It 

Just like humans, regular dusting and changing of air filters can help eliminate some of the dust particles and pollen that gets into a home. Whether it's a blanket, a couch, or even a dog bed, your dog drags some of these allergens around so regularly cleaning surfaces your dog uses will help.  

Bath Time 

You will want to consult your vet on this, but more frequent baths could also help your dog with allergies. A hypoallergenic shampoo with ingredients like aloe or oatmeal will be especially effective.  

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