When American Idol first started, I was enthralled.  I loved watching people succeed and others completely bomb.  I realize that a lot of the stories are dramatized to “enthrall” people, but it worked.

At the time I truly thought of auditioning myself.  I don’t have the confidence to consider myself someone who would make it to the finale, but I thought it would be fun to be a part of the group who auditioned.

And just like in Miss America Pageants, whenever I heard a contestant was from Utah, I would cheer for them more than the other contestants.

There have been a few contestants from Utah who have made it past the auditions, but the following three contestants actually made it to the finals.


Carmen Rasmusen of (Getty Images)
Carmen Rasmusen of Woods Cross UT (Getty Images)

Carmen Rasmusen, from Woods Cross, Utah.  She finished sixth on the show’s second season.  What a lot of people know her for is not necessarily her voice, but her refusal to wear anything immodest. She made sure her values weren’t compromised.

Megan Joy of (Getty Images)
Megan Joy of Taylorsville UT (Getty Images)

Megan Joy,  from Taylorsville, Utah.  She auditioned in Salt Lake for the eighth season.  She was the ninth place finalist. I don’t remember seeing her in the competition.

David Archuleta of Murray UT (Getty Images)
David Archuleta of Murray UT (Getty Images)

David Archuleta, from Murray, Utah.  He was only 16-years-old when he auditioned for the seventh season.  He ended up winning second place. He definitely surprised his competition…who thought he would win it all.

So in 20 seasons of American Idol, Utah has only had 3 who have made it to the finals.

I wonder what auditions would be more difficult, American Idol or The Tabernacle Choir?

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