As a professional Wedding Officiant, I consider myself to be a hopeless romantic.

My wife would probably disagree, but that's just because I'm also really, really lazy.

7 Funny GIFs That Describe My Reactions Of Watching A World TV Premier Ahead Of US
My idea of being romantic is watching a other people be romantic. (giphy)

Perhaps a more accurate statement is that I love to watch romantic things, but not actually do them.

I know. Bonnie is a lucky, lucky lady.

Now being someone who loves a good romantic comedy, I find myself pretty easily convinced that the couples on screen would make great couples in real life.

This of course has come back to bite me in the butt. I'll watch a movie where the couple has wonderful on-screen chemistry, and then later find out that the two actors in reality hated each other.

movie gifs — The Notebook (2004) dir. Nick Cassavetes
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams famously didn't get along on the set of The Notebook (giphy)

But I still hang on to the silly idea that what I see on screen is based in some kind of reality.

I mean for heaven sakes, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were such a power couple on screen, that the movie studios paired them up three different times. Joe Vs. The Volcano(1990) Sleepless in Seattle(1993), and You've Got Mail(1998)

You've Got Mail 20th anniversary: See Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks EW cover |
Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan were unstoppable in the 90's with 3 movies together. (

My gosh, the chemistry between the two of them was perfect. But Alas, both of them have gone on to live happy lives with other people.

But what the heck is wrong with dreaming every now and then? I want these 10 celebrity couples to be together so badly, that if they decided to drop their lives and elope to St. George, Utah, I would perform their ceremony for free.

I even took the added step of taking their photos and then poorly photoshopping them onto Southern Utah scenery.

Because if you do this with magazine clippings, people call you a psycho. But if you do it digitally, then somehow it's a little less creepy. Right? Is it? Please tell me it's a little less creepy.

Celeb Couples We Wish Were Real-- And Eloping In Utah

Hey check out these celebrity couples we wish were real, poorly photoshopped into Southern Utah landscapes. Because I wanted to, that's why.
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