I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but St. George Utah is hot.

I mean really really really hot.

Roasting hot.

Most of the time. 

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Few things can beat the feeling of a cold ice cream treat on a hot summer day. Or if you live in St. George, a hot autumn day. Or spring day. Or sometimes a hot winter day. Listen, it's just really hot in St. George OK?

Maybe it’s the fact that St. George feels like a blast furnace most of the year that locals have become very knowledgeable about cold sodas and cold treats. We don’t like to use the term "Ice Cream Snobs", so let’s just say that they're more "connoisseurs of the cold dessert arts." 

They know what’s good, and if you're visiting from out of town, this list will steer you in the right direction.

NOTE: There are even more places in town that are absolutely delightful, but we asked the locals what their favorites were, and these 10 places were mentioned the MOST.  

Did we leave your favorite off the list?  Well by golly let us know!

The 10 Best Ice Cream Places In St. George Utah (According To Locals)

We asked locals to St. George Utah where their favorite places to get ice cream were. Here's the 10 that were mentioned to most. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
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