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Statewide News—6/28/23 

Final Volume of Joseph Smith Papers Published 

The final volume of the Joseph Smith Papers has been published by the LDS Church on Tuesday (June 27) on the 179th anniversary of the church founder’s death, a church press release said. There are 27 volumes in the collection dubbed the “Lunar Mission” which are historical records and research over 22 years.  

The final volume is a record of 104 accounts of the Smith’s martyrdom announcement on June 27, 1844. There are letters from Smith to his wife and friends. 


New Covid Variant 

Though the heavy pandemic is over, new covid variants are still being found. CBS News said Utah is among six states where the new strain, EU-11 has been confirmed. It’s still unsure whether this new variant will have different symptoms from the cases in the U.S. However, EU-11 is thought to be easier to spread and now makes up nine percent of Utah’s covid cases.  


Southern Utah/St. George News—6/28/23 

Fourth of July 

Washington County is gearing up for the annual holiday with Liberty Week. The press release from the county said, “residents and visitors can look forward to a series of exciting events, engaging activities and meaningful commemorations" all the way up until the 4th. There will be the usual fireworks, parades, concerts, and historical displays to check out. 

The goal of these events is to foster community spirit, highlight the significance of Liberty, and honor the sacrifices made for the nation.   

For a full list of events go here.


Stockton Myers, Townsquare Media News Director and Southern Utah Sunrise Stories Author.
Stockton Myers, Townsquare Media News Director and Southern Utah Sunrise Stories Author.


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