With the Fourth of July coming up many Utah pet owners are preparing to spend the night with their furry friends.  

Like some people, pets can be sensitive to the firework festivities that go throughout the night. Its loud sound and smell can cause a disruption to the animals and cause anxiety. Some poor animals may even run away.  

Though this is a time for celebration, it's also a time when Utah pet owners need to be more aware. You can’t celebrate Independence Day when you’ve lost your furry companion. The holiday is also the day when more dogs run away than any other, the American Kennel Club said.  

I have a corgi and the thought of losing her is heartbreaking and brings me so much anxiety. I’m sure I am not alone in this. So, as a responsible dog owner there are measures I need to take to make sure my pup is comfortable and not at risk of being frightened away during fireworks. 

Stay Away 

The best possible way to avoid fireworks with your dog is to not take them to firework shows. You can’t force them into being unafraid and losing your pet in a crowd would be awful. Also, don’t leave your dog outside during firework time. They can manage to escape through fences and holes.  

Safe Space 

Make a safe place for your dog where they can go once the fireworks start. A closet or crate with toys and treats will help calm their anxiety. It may be best to start introducing this as a safe place now.  


You can put on some white noise to help you distract your dog from the loud firework sounds.  

At Home 

If you can, staying at home will really help your dog’s anxiety. If you must leave, then maybe have a person your dog is familiar with come over. This person or you should be calm and never be frantic. 


If you have the time and patience, try playing some firework sounds before the event to help your dog get used to the sound.  

ID and Yard 

Should your dog escape and run away, it would be helpful if your dog’s ID tag is up to date, or the chip is working. Check all of this as soon as possible. You will also want to make sure your dog can’t escape through your backyard. Check for any holes and breaks in your fences.  


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