Americans all over are preparing to clean their grills this weekend in anticipation of 4th of July next week and Utah is no exception.  

However, preparation isn’t just for the host of the BBQ but also the guests and there are some things to keep in mind. Sure, if it's a family event then you can expect certain members to be loud or even tipsy and that just comes with the territory, but some rules must be followed.  

Maybe you’ve never heard or even thought of BBQ etiquette, but it exists and will make the whole event better for everyone, especially the hosts.  

So, while Utah is preparing for the hotdog, hamburger and firework filled event, these are some things to keep in mind.  

NPR interviewed Carla Lalli Music from Bon Appetit to get all the essential etiquette tips for a 4th of July BBQ. Of course, this applies to any BBQ event you may have like on Pioneer Day later in July.  

  • Give the grill master some room! No one likes to be hovered over when they’re cooking, especially not on a grill. This is not The Bear.  
  • Don’t just add your meat to the grill while other things are cooking, it’s rude. Read the vibes of the grill master and then ask. Pretty simple, right? 
  • Take people up on their offer to bring something. It takes a load off the host and allows guests to feel like they’re helping. Bags of ice, non-alcoholic drinks and special dietary foods are all encouraged.  
  • Provide a grilled salad (host or guest) for those who are not meat eaters. This way those who don't even want any meat touching the veggies will be satisfied. Plus, it's a healthy option during a calorie-filled holiday.  

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