Over the weekend there were a TON of events in St. George but some of us opted to stay away from the busy traffic and enjoy some unique food.  

Southern Utah has a plethora of small businesses including some that sell out of their houses. It could be tamales, candy boxes, cakes, and even Asian foods. The business posts on its Facebook or Instagram and lets loyal followers know when they can pick up and place an order.  

These out-of-home businesses don’t always have set schedules for when they make food, and it can be hit or miss trying to get orders in if you don’t see the post in time. Often times, you just stumble across a post from the business and that’s how you discover them.  


Last Friday I stumbled across a post shared by a college acquaintance of mine on Facebook about orders for Monicalin’s Asian Kitchen. As a full-time anime watcher and foodie, the sight of baozi and milk tea immediately caught my attention. I debated back and forth on whether or not I should place an order, but my curiosity won, and I placed an order for several baozi buns.  

The pick-up was at my choice of time on Saturday, and I decided to try a few curry pork and zucchini buns and paid $24 for eight (4 each). It was a super easy process, and I was lucky enough to avoid all Ironman traffic on my way over, for which I was very thankful.  


I simply knocked on the door and my baozi buns were handed to me in adorable boxes freshly steamed. 

I took them home and they kept super well! They were so warm and soft and BIG. I expected them to be much smaller, but they were roughly the size of my palm. The curry pork buns were sweet, and the dough was soft and warm while the zucchini buns held eggs and carrots with a savory flavor but perfect for a light breakfast.  

It was perfect and I will be ordering again.  

What out-of-home business do you order at? Tell us on our Facebook 

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