This weekend is National Lost Dog Awareness Day on Sunday, April 23 which is a day to bring attention to missing dogs. 

For any dog owner, losing a dog is considered one of the worst things that can happen. Maybe you’re at work and your mischievous furry friend escapes through the backyard gate. Or, your little pooch slips its collar on a walk behind your house chasing a squirrel. 

On the other hand, seeing a pet and its owner be reunited has to be one of the most heart-warming things ever. So, National Lost Dog Awareness Day reminds dog owners to learn about ways to prevent losing their dog.

Ways To Prevent Losing Your Dog

  • Keep track of your animal when out on walks and whenever you can. Make sure any leashes, harnesses, and collars are secured so that the dog can’t slip through or break away.
  • Train your dog so that they are less likely to run away. Dogs are capable of learning recall commands which can help when taking your dog on walks or hikes. It can also better the connection between you and your pet. 
  • Put a tag on your furry friend. Having your pet micro-chipped and tagged really helps if they do run away. If someone finds them, your contact information will be there. Shelters will be able to scan the chip to grab your information making your pet's return all the more speedy. 
  • Keep your dog by your side by spaying or neutering them. Sounds weird but, they are less likely to try and wander off to find a mate meaning all their love goes to you!
  • Make sure your records and vaccinations are up to date and have recent photos of your pet.

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing:

  • Check with your local vet and shelters and give them all current information including a good color photo. 
  • Go out and check your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors letting them know your dog is missing so they can keep an eye out or help you look. 
  • Go to the print shop and get photos of your dog and post them in public places like coffee shops and grocery stores. 
  • Online can be a great resource for reaching a lot of people quickly. Post your info with a picture of your dog and when and where they were last seen on community groups. Also, check places where animals are sold in case your dog was stolen. 

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