Keeping your dishes clean may be an everyday event but it’s important to remember why we need to meticulously clean those dishes.  

May 18 is National No Dirty Dishes Day and though it may sound like a day dedicated to cleaning its actually all about taking a day off. I absolutely despise cleaning dishes mostly because it is an everyday occurrence. It feels like unless you spend more money and eat out to avoid cleaning dishes or take on the annoying daily chore of dish cleaning.  

It’s a no-win situation. 

However, a day dedicated to making an effort to NOT clean dishes sounds pretty great. This does not mean skipping or being lax on dish cleaning though. A dirty dish is a health risk according to the National Day Calendar.  

Some diseases you can contract from dirty dishes are salmonella, campylobacteria, clostridium perfringens, norovirus, and staph. Plus, if you aren’t careful and don’t wash off all the dish detergent or soap, that can make you pretty sick too.  

Fight the germs and clean the dishes but not on May 18.  

Some Ways to Celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day in St. George, Utah 

  • Eat out. It sounds simple but make sure you eat out of the container your food comes in and have utensils if needed to get the full “no dirty dishes” effect. Support a local business while you’re at it.  
  • Limit the dishes you need to clean by grabbing some paper plates and plastic utensils. Biodegradable is the way to go.  
  • Maybe you decide it’s a good time to fast which eliminates the need to make food. Extra time for you with no cleaning or cooking.  
  • Do a one-pan or crockpot meal which requires super limited use of dishes.  
  • Eat or of baggies or containers 


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