July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day and St. George has no shortage of fried chicken places.  

Personally, I’m a burger gal but on occasion, fried chicken just really hits the spot. So, in honor of National Fried Chicken Day here are my 3 places to try if fried chicken ISN’T really your thing: 

#1—Super Chix 

This place always seems busy and honestly, I forget it’s there sometimes. However, there are solid sandwiches and flavors to choose from. The Deluxe is classic filled with a crispy chicken filet, garlic aioli, pickles, lettuce and tomato. Simple as it is, it’s pretty darn good. I’ll definitely be trying the Cheesy BBQ next time I'm craving fried chicken.  

There are also salads and tenders available.  

#2—Soul Ramen & Noodle 

Now this may seem like an odd choice, and I will admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to try this specific dish yet, but EVERYTHING and I do mean everything I have had there has been a 10/10. So, the fried chicken Soul Ramen and Noodles makes are probably to die for.  

The Japanese are known for having fried chicken for Christmas BBC said. So, even though many think the dish is American, it’s actually far from it. Other cultures like the Japanese have adopted the dish and now their own versions have unique flavors.  

Just like the Meshikou Karaage the Sould Ramen and Noodle offers. It’s flash fried chicken served with a spicy house sauce. Yum! 


This one is last on my list because it simply can be too much of a chance. The numerous weird things found in KFC food are too much BUT when it’s good, it’s good. If you’re feeling reckless (or lucky) the bowls are the best! However, getting a classic fried chicken bucket with sides is also a great move.  

My mother loves KFC and swears it’s the best but I can’t really get on board. It suffices but it’s not a game changer.  

What local fried chicken has your heart? 


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