Today on B92.1’s  Mikey & The Mrs Show we asked you the audience...

"What Movie Have You Seen More Than 20 Times?"

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We got thousands of responses on our Facebook page and on our text line. We saw a lot of common themes in the feedback we were getting.

For one thing, all of the movies were OLD. And by old, I mean most of them were made either in the 1990s or earlier. That makes sense, considering the question. If you’re going to see a movie more than 20 times, you need enough time to see it that many times!

The other thing that jumped out was how many romantic comedies there were. That too makes sense, considering romantic comedies are kind of like comfort food for your heart.

They’re predictable, they’re easy to follow, they’re light and fun, and you can have them on in the background while you’re doing something else. It doesn’t take a whole Lotta brain power to watch people fall in love, and falling in love never gets old.

So the movies are old, there’s a lot of romantic comedies, and then the third category was that they were often on TV.

Movies like the Shawshank Redemption are almost constantly on Cable TV. Well, it’s the edited version, so I guess 75% of the Shawshank Redemption is constantly on TV.  

Holiday movies are another category that get a lot of airplay. Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, and everyone wants to watch it every year. Along with overeating and pretending to like your relatives, Christmas movies are a tradition!

Although we got a lot of responses that were unique, below is the list of movies that were mentioned most often as being seen more than 20 times by you, the B92.1 Audience.

What movie have you seen more than 20 times? We would love to hear from you!

These Are The Movies You've Seen Over 20 Times

Here are the 25 most mentioned movies B92.1 listeners said they've seen over 20 times.
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