Tomorrow is the last official workday of 2023 and Utahns need to make the most of it.  

In fact, it's considered a national day, No Interruptions Day, and is meant to be a last clean out of work emails, workspace, and last-minute work-related tasks. It's a day dedicated to doing all the tasks you might dread but are necessary to start 2024 with a clean slate.  

So, how do you make the most of No Interruptions Day? 

The National Day Calendar has a few tips on how to observe the day, and suggestions to limit distractions.  

  • Answer un-answered emails 
  • Delete, file, and organize emails we've been saving 
  • Scan needed receipts and shred unnecessary paperwork 
  • Complete online training courses 
  • Update calendar and address book. 

If possible, turn off your phone, close your office door, and make it a goal to tackle as much as you can.  

If you work from home, set up a schedule for your tasks and then make a list to check off. Not only will this help you be able to tackle your tasks, but it gives a sense of accomplishment when you’re able to check off the list.  

Utah gave a great year of hard work, and making the last day a productive one may seem like a difficult task. However, getting those last-minute tasks done means you can start 2024 ready for new things and also not have to worry about things from 2023(hopefully).  

So, take advantage of No Interruptions Day and get ready for 2024, Utah.  


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