Welcome back to the local artists to watch the series featuring Mountaintop Sound. The local artists to watch series is my way of shining the spotlight on the talented musicians we have in the region.



In their bio, Mountaintop Sound describes their sound as “influenced by traditional bluegrass tunes, contemporary Americana, lyrical emotions from singer-songwriter favorites, and the relaxed vibe found in jam grass”. Mountaintop Sound started off as a duo made up of Steven Swift and April McPherson and has now become a full band. Steven Swift, born in Roanoke, Virginia, and raised in Florida, has been active in the local music scene for many years and has been part of several bands and active with solo work before starting Mountaintop Sound with April McPherson. 



After playing several local shows to refine their original songs, Mountaintop Sound was able to get a grant from the Cedar City Arts Council and released their first album Long Time Coming in 2021. After getting another grant from the Cedar City Arts Council, Mountaintop Sound started work on their second album Mountaintop Sound II. Pre-orders for their second album will start February 1st and the new album will have a release party at Groovacious Records, which you can read more about at the attached link, in Cedar City on March 4th at 7 pm. 

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