I have often heard the lady-folk in my life say that they need to just "Have a good cry".

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This apparently is something many girls look forward to for some reason. (giphy)

This to me sounds like genuine lunacy. That's like saying " I just need to smack my thumb with a hammer for a while."

No. No I don't. If something feels bad, you should spend your life avoiding that feeling.

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just me, avoiding my feelings again. Shut up. (giphy)

Okay, so maybe I was raised with a lot of toxic masculinity and a very religious upbringing that subconsciously told me that being sad is either a sin or a weakness. But that's my own thing that I need to work through and I'll save that for my therapist.  You're Welcome.

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Fine, I'll see somebody WHEN I DECIDE TO. (giphy)

Listen.  There are people who enjoy crying, and people who do not.

If you like to cry, then you can take this list of movies and save it for a time you need to let it all out.

If you don't like to cry, then you can take this list as a warning. But no matter what, these movies are going to make salty water come out of your eyeballs, and there's nothing you can do about it.

We asked our Utah audience on Instagram "What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?"

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Me, whenever my wife takes me to a sad movie.  (giphy)

Below is a list of the most commonly mentioned movies in our informal Utah survey.

You can run, you can hide, you can pretend you don't have feelings.  But just know that if any of these movies are playing near you, there are gonna be some serious waterworks.

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