There you are at the local St. George Wal Mart.  You just went through the checkout line, and as you make your way to the exit, you walk past the nail salon and..

That sweet sweet smell of toxic fumes. (canva)
That sweet sweet smell of toxic fumes. (canva)

You get a big whiff of that unmistakable smell of nail polish mixed with polish remover.  You take in a big drag of those fumes and then TELL NO-ONE.

We all have our quirks and many of those involve guilty pleasures.  Y'know, like knowing all the words to the Spice Girls album SPICE WORLD which I cannot confirm nor deny applies to me.

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We all enjoy things we don't tell other people about. Like singing along to Spice Girls while riding your hog to the biker rally. (Giphy)

So what if you sneak a sniff of a baby when you're holding it?  Maybe when you put that diaper in the diaper pail you think to yourself "oh yeah that's the good stuff right there".  This is a safe place, and we support you.

Recently we asked you what strange smells you love, and we got some very interesting answers.  Some were surprising, but others just help us feel like we're not alone.

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You're not the only one who likes to sniff people. (giphy)

It's time to put aside that guilt and shame and fully embrace your weirdness.  Here's what you told us you love the smell of in your nose holes.

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