Going outside is overrated.

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Going outside is pretty freaking lame if you ask me. (giphy)

Whenever you google "things to do in St. George, Utah", what you usually get is a giant list of things to do outside. Hiking, boating, biking, and a whole lot of other things that involve the risk of heatstroke and sunburns.

"Why did I do this??" he thought as the sun set on Angel's Landing (canva)
"Why did I do this??" Gary thought to himself as the sun set on Angel's Landing (canva)

It seems that there's always plenty of things to do if you're an outdoorsy person, but what if you're an indoorsy person?

And is "indoorsy" a word? Well it should be. Because that's what I am.

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ack! The sunlight! It burns us! hisssss (giphy)

If going outside isn't really your thing, don't worry. There's plenty of things to do indoors in the St. George, Utah area.

Indoor Fun Things To Do In The St. George Utah Area

St. George is known for it's National Parks and other kinds of fun in the sun. But If you're more INDOORSY than OUTDOORSY, here are some things to do in St. George that don't require sunscreen.
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