Winter is coming up soon, and everyone knows what that means...SPIDERS! They see that it is getting colder and crave the warmth and safety of your home. Yikes!  

In the summer they catch all the flies and pests and are very much a needed part of the ecosystem. However, sharing your home with a black widow is way too terrifying and not good for dogs or children (cats too). 

These little buggers don’t even PAY RENT! 

So, the real question is how do you get them out of out of your house and to STAY OUT?! 

The always reliable Home Depot has some ideas: 

  • Spider traps and sprays are generally preferred as foggers are ineffective at getting rid of spiders. Most spider-killing formulas are based on pyrethroids, chemicals made in large part from plants in the chrysanthemum family.  
  • Spider traps such as glue boards are non-toxic and cost-effective but can be less effective against larger infestations. Place it in corners, along walls, and in any locations where you've seen spiders. 
  • Spider sprays kill on contact and are easy to use but leave a residue. Spray along baseboards, under furniture and in corners. 
  • Natural spider repellent is non-toxic and suitable for indoor or outdoor use but can have a slightly higher cost and require reapplication more often. 

If the number of spiders is absolutely unmanageable, it might be time to give your local pest control businesses a call. 

P.S. If you are using a non-natural spider spray, it can be toxic for your little ones and pets so be careful and make sure you’re following instructions and giving your room/house time to air out.  


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