The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a special one because it comes back to the point of the season, giving.  

Tomorrow, Nov. 28 is the National Day of Giving or Giving Tuesday and it’s a great time to consider the communities in need. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s easy to get wrapped up in buying all the things that you’ve been eyeing or even gifts for family members.  

However, the National Day of Giving is a reminder that there are others who could use your help and if you have the time or money, you should give it where you can. 

Here are some ways to give back from the National Day Calendar. 

  • Set up a collection of canned foods or non-perishables. Once you’ve collected a good amount head over to your local food pantry and drop off the goods. 
  • Give gift cards to the shelter or a family you know who is in need. 
  • Pick up some new toys and give them to kids who have to spend Christmas in the holiday. 
  • If you are the crafty sort, make some blankets for cancer patients. 

I also think signing up for volunteering is a great way to help out. This doesn’t require you to spend money. If you’re on a budget here are a few ways to still participate. 

  • Donate your skills to a fundraiser. If you make art or do baking this is a good time to give those skills to someone else. You could even donate a class if you teach something. 
  • If you have an elderly neighbor help them clean up their yard. 
  • Run someone's errands for them.  

There are a lot of ways to give back to either people in need or your community. Utah has several great charities to donate to and get involved with.  

Here are a few local charities you can check out. 

Happy Day of Giving! 


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