Utah is known for its beehive symbol but there is more about the bees in the state than some may know.  

There are several local beekeepers across the state including some right here in Southern Utah. You can find it at the store or even visit a local farmers market to get some local honey. The beekeeping community in Utah is prolific and has been around since the 1800s.  

The Utah Beeping Association was founded in 1892 and has been going string since then. They help local and commercial, and beekeeping hobbyists stay up to date on the industry.  

Beekeepers are all over the state and besides the business portion, local beehives play an important role in the Utah ecosystem.  

Bees are a pollinator and have a huge impact on the local plant life. Ninety percent of most plat species need pollinators to reproduce, We Need Bees said. Honeybees alone visit about 2,000 plants in a day. Basically, all the local fruit and produce you enjoy is because of the local bees and beekeepers.  

However, honeybees are still in decline because of certain pesticides and parasites.  

One way to help our Utah bees and beekeepers is to use non-poisonous pesticide and provide flowers and water for when the bees are out and about doing their thing.  

This Spring and Summer, make sure to think about Utah bees and support local beekeepers by purchasing their products when you can. Not only is local honey delicious but buying it is a way to support local businesses.  

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