A new animated show just dropped on YouTube and not only is it stunning, its created right here in Utah.  

MechWest was created by AnimSchool Studios which is a sister company to AnimSchool, a local 3D animation school in Provo, UT. This new animation series is made by AnimSchool graduates and professors, all locally done.  

So, what is MechWest? 

Think cowboys and robots but with the cutest twist imaginable. The main character is a girl named Pearl living in the Wild West with her family who use robot cows to transfer goods for the town folks. She has a soft spot for the little machines that work for people. There's a mail robot and even the cash registers have little personalities.  


Pearl finds a unique robot named six who follows her home. Their relationship is beyond adorable, and I was hooked watching the first episode. However, there comes a twist in the episode that sets the plot for the rest of the show.  

I won’t be giving any spoilers though, so you’ll have to watch to find out what MechWest is all about.  

Not only is the story and concept unique, but the animation is impeccable. I really enjoyed how adorable the robots were made and the personality that the little critters have. It's kid friendly and has a story line that adults will love. I know I did.  

So, go check out the first episode of MechWest on YouTube and support your local Utah animators.  

If you do watch it, I'd love to know what you think! Hit me up on FB and tell me your thoughts.  


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