Dry January is a little over halfway through and many people have either gone strong or are back in their habits.  

If you didn’t know, Dry January is a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol and even places like Utah participate. In fact, four Salt Lake City bars made the Salt Lake Tribune for their mocktail options that help the non-alcohol crowd stick to Dru January.  

Mocktails are all over the internet right now and one has gone viral on TikTok, called the “Sleepy Girl Mocktail”.  

This mocktail should be popular in Utah since it's not alcoholic, and it screams Utah. I bet many Utah girls are interested in trying it (I know I am) just to see if it really does knock you out like a light. This drink isn’t just for girls though, it's for everyone looking for a good night's sleep. 

Now, back to Dry January. If you are anywhere in Utah, you can probably grab great mocktails since the bars here are aware that a large part of the population doesn’t partake.  

In Southern Utah, Spiritual Parlor Bar offers quite a few mocktails and they are happy to make them for you too. The bar just across the street, Station 2, also offers alternative drinks.  

If you’re struggling to make it through, Harvard Health has a few tips: 

  • Don’t go to places you might be tempted, especially when they don’t have alternative drinks. 
  • Find something else, maybe try tea or water.  
  • Get yourself a support group. 
  • Don’t give up. Even if you slip up just try again the next day because you can totally do it.  


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