Father’s Day is just a few days away and as per usual, like every other dad out there, mine is IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for. 

The man doesn’t need anything and there is no gift that could ever truly express how grateful I am to the man who raised me. Nonetheless, I scratch my head every year trying to come up with the “ultimate gift” idea.  

Father’s Day is even more challenging because it falls on a Sunday. In St. George, the town seems to die every week on that day, and nothing is open. So, going out to eat would mean limited options or settling for a restaurant because the preferred one is closed...like it is every Sunday...because it’s Utah.  

So, this year I have decided to let my dad take the lead.  

He knows what he wants on his day better than I do, and honestly, I think it will be much better if we focus on what HE wants to do versus whatever it is I might have planned.  

 Father’s Day Ideas Utah: 

  • Just ask the guy what he wants to do. If you get the usual “I don’t know” then I recommend taking a look back at some of your favorite memories with your dad. Maybe you could try to recreate them. That could be watching a favorite movie of his and grabbing some snack or finding recaps of his favorite games.  
  • Order in or try to make your dad’s favorite meal. It’s simple and if you plan ahead, you can order for Saturday night. Heck, you could make a whole weekend of it.  
  • Stop by Swig (or another soda shop in town) and grab your dad’s preferred drink to let him know you’re thinking about him. 
  • Throw together a slide show of all YOUR favorite memories with your dad. If he isn’t a technology guy, a collage may be the way to go. Then he can hang it up in his man cave.  


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