Utah is taking steps like Fahrenheit 451 with its statewide book bans and censorship policies.  

The Utah State Board of Education is saying that books under the “objective” standard will make their way to the banned book list. Books under the new law signed by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox need to be removed by public schools by July 1, the Salt Lake Tribune said.  

There has never been a law that outlines objective sensitive material in the state before. This is a new change, and it even requires “legally” disposing of books on the list.  

Just like Fahrenheit 451, book burning could be back. Members of the USBE even joked about it.  

Books that are considered “harmful” to youth with either pornographic or indecent material will make the list. It includes books by prolific authors like Judy Bloom, Toni Morrison, and Margaret Atwood.  

This is a serious matter, and every time book burning has occurred in history, nothing good has ever followed. We could use the burning of the Library of Alexandria or the Kristallnacht or Night of Crystal.  

Parents absolutely have the right to monitor and determine what their kids are reading and consuming when it comes to media. However, some of these books have important lessons and information.  

It's a freedom that so many can read what they please and have access to books in public places as people in other parts of the world don’t have that luxury. Now, Utah is taking active steps to ban and burn books.  


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