Despite the hot temperatures in Utah right now, some people are still out walking the lovely trails.  

It’s nice to get out of the house and see Utah’s natural beauty, however maintaining that beauty is another issue all together. The Trails Foundation of Northern Utah provides a long list of ways to keep these trails pristine for visitors and locals. Whether you do biking, walking, horseback or any other kind of trail exploring, these will help maintain them.  

Bringing Pets on The Trail: 

The trail isn’t the best place to train your dog but if you have a good handle on them, then take them out. Some trails aren’t dog friendly so be aware of that and with the high temperatures right now, you’ll want to watch out for heatstroke and make sure your pet has booties, so they don’t get burned.  

To keep the trails nice, clean up after your dog, keep your dog nearby and avoid any altercations with other walkers.  

Walking on Trails: 

There are certain hiking etiquette rules that everyone should follow. Don’t be disruptive on the trail and allow everyone to have a good time. Make room for those who are hiking or biking up hills and don’t play music out loud. If you see trash pick it up and certainly don’t leave any.  

Bicycling on Trails: 

Cyclers need to control their speed, especially if the trail is known to have horseback riders. A fast-moving object will startle anyone and especially a horse so be mindful of that. When passing other hikers or bike make sure to call out to give fair warning. Bells work too.  


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