The time is upon us to consider all the dishes we need to make for Thanksgiving and Utahns have some interesting and classic dishes they always prepare.  

I asked the locals what Utah dishes they have to have on Thanksgiving and if you guessed that funeral potatoes were on the list, you’d be right. In a battle of fry sauce against funeral potatoes I’m honestly not sure which one Utah would say it loves more.  

Here is a list of Utah dishes to add to your Thanksgiving menu this year.  

#1—Funeral Potatoes 

If you’re new around here, funeral potatoes are a year-round staple in the Beehive state, and you can get them at just about any local diner. It’s essentially a cheesy potato casserole of goodness. Here is a recipe from the Food Network if you’d like to try your hand at it.  

#2—Dixie Salad 

This is also a Utah staple which consists of cream, pomegranates, apples, and pecans. It’s a parfait-style dish and apparently, Utahns love it for Thanksgiving. It kind of sounds like ambrosia to me but I have never tried Dixie Salad so I couldn’t say.  


Yams fall under the more traditional dishes you’ll find at a Thanksgiving dinner table, but their versatility is pretty great. There were a few different answers including candied yams and yam casserole. Now, my family sticks with potatoes but I’d be willing to mix it up this year.  

Of course, there were some answers for turkey, green bean casserole, rolls, and the like. Very traditional. Then again, some people mentioned Jell-O... 

Anyway, no matter what you decide to cook up, it’ll be great! Good luck with the in-laws.


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