The pumpkin spice craze started in September but there are still some weeks to get through before it truly disappears.  

National Pumpkin Day is Oct. 26 and with Halloween just a few days away and then Thanksgiving a few weeks after, it’s a perfectly placed national day. However, some people live for the pumpkin. That could mean stopping at Starbucks weekly for a pumpkin spice latte, making or buying as many pumpkin pies as possible, lighting candles drenched in the scent, and any other number of things.  

The above-listed activities are “normal”, and I can even respect them (to a certain extent), but some companies have taken the craze and run with it. No, sprinted off the deep end is more like it.  

The Takeout has a list of some of the most ridiculous pumpkin-flavored things companies are trying out. 

  1. Trash Bags—It’s all good and well to have scented trash bags in your home but without the right scent it could just add to the gross food smell. Hefty went ahead and made cinnamon pumpkin spice ultra-strong trash bags. You can grab some at Wal-Mart.  
  1. Caviar—Yup. Some insane minds came up with the idea of pumpkin-spiced avocado oil caviar. I’m unsure who this is marketed for exactly but if you want some (weirdo) you can go to Chosen Foods website and order some.  
  1. Butt Wipes—Now your butt can smell of pumpkin spice too! DUDEwipes has released a pumpkin spice-scented butt wipe for those who want to smell like it EVERYWHERE. Go to Amazon for yours.  
  1. Dog Brew—If you want to have a brewski with your dog, you totally can. Now there is a dog-friendly pumpkin spice-flavored beer from Busch Light. It’s on 

So, besides the dog beer, I won’t be even considering any of these but to each their own as they say. Would you try these? 

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