Holiday budgeting is always a pain; if you’re smart about it, start early. However, Utah seems to be doing alright in that department.  

According to a study done by, Utah ranks in the top five states for the highest holiday budgets. That means if the kids made the nice list, they probably got some decent presents. You can insert the sound of Dudley Dursley *here*. 



The study shows that Maryland takes the top spot for the largest Christmas budget at $2,714.5 per household. This means that not only is Maryland pretty festive, but you can also infer that the state is somewhat generous with gifts.  

Utah came in second with a holiday budget of $2,310.17 per household. Utah already ranks pretty high on loving Christmas, so this number comes as no surprise. The beehive state also ranks second in most Christmassy states.  

After the top two, Hawaii comes in third for the highest Christmas budget at $2,152.08 for each household. New Jersey and Virginia tied for fourth place with $2,102.92 per household and fifth place goes to Alaska with $1,920.92 for a holiday budget per household.  

So, excellent job Utah! You have officially made second on two Christmas lists for 2023 but perhaps, next year we can come in first for the most Christmassy state list.  

If this budget number seems high, you aren’t the only one who thinks so, especially when considering that you may need to get gifts for in-laws, parents, and then kids and spouses. Either way, I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! 



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