If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in Utah, there’s a good chance your dream will come true.  

Due to movies and songs, a white Christmas is supposed to make the holiday more magical, and frankly, I agree. There’s just something about snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that adds to the serenity and fullness of it all.  

Well, for Christmas fanatics like me, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts good things for Christmas this year.  

The Farmer’s Almanac forecast map shows that the whole state has a chance of snow yes, even Southern Utah, but the chances are lower. It’s anywhere from a 10% to above 90% chance depending on where you’re at. However, the fact that the whole state could have a white Christmas is magical indeed. 

If you’re somewhere like St. George you’ll most likely experience something more akin to cloud coverage and falling snowflakes that don’t stick but hey, take what you can get.  If you’re anywhere from Cedar City to more up north, you’ll probably see true storms and sticking snow with lots of places for sledding and snowball fights.  

To this I say, take all the proper precautions and make sure you have everything you need for the house and crazy relatives staying over so you can avoid going out in bad driving weather. This especially applies to anyone who lives in Salt Lake City.  

So, with all that in mind start getting into the Christmas spirit and look forward to delicious hot cocoa and Christmas movies.  

Merry Christmas Season Utah! 


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