Every year when President's Day comes around, I have to Google why we celebrate it.

According to Wikipedia, Apparently the reason we celebrate President's Day is

"... holiday in the United States celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor all those who served as presidents of the United States and, since 1879, has been the federal holiday honoring Founding Father George Washington, who led the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolutionary War, presided at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, and was the first U.S. president."

George Washington, Founding father and certified bad*ss. (canva)
George Washington, Founding father and the Presidential OG. (canva)

That's all well and great, but have you ever heard of anybody having a President's Day party? Have you ever heard of somebody wishing someone a happy President's Day, or buying somebody a President's Day gift to put under the President's Day tree?

The only people who get pumped about Presidents' Day are furniture stores and used car dealerships. (canva)
The only people who get pumped about Presidents' Day are furniture stores and used car dealerships. (canva)

No, of course not. It seems the only people who celebrate President's Day are mattress stores, used car dealerships and maybe history professors.

Okay, well those guys and actual Presidents of the United States and I've never met one of those guys.  The only President I know runs our HOA and that guy is a tool.

Chances are you've never once wished someone a happy Presidents' Day in your life.

Well, this year we're going to change all of that. Here are some well-wishing Presidents' Day cards that you can send to your friends, family and enemies featuring the 10 most recent Presidents of the United States.

It helps if you listen to "Hail to the Chief" while you read them.

"Hail To The Chief" With These 10 Presidents' Day Cards

Wish that special American in your life a Happy Presidents' Day with these 10 Commanders In Chief.
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