By now, most people have heard about Toastique, a gourmet toast and juice bar for any St. George health foodie.  

Located in the shopping center of Bluff St. by Sunset Megaplex Theatres, it can be an easy to miss location. It offers fancy styles of toast with unique add-ons like watermelon radish, kalamata olives, and capers.  


Outside of gourmet toast, Toastique offers smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, bowls and more.  

The most popular menu item is the Avocado Smash. On a soft piece of multi-grain toast there is a generous amount of avocado spread over the bread followed by marinated tomatoes, watermelon radish, microgreens and chili oil.  

I absolutely HAD to try the Avocado Smash since it's an extra healthy twist on one of my favorite foods, avocado.  


The toast came out on a personal-sized cutting board and utensils were nearby to grab. The Avocado Smash was very pretty to look at and it had great colors which made it an eye-catching meal. I would definitely go back but it would be to try something different like a smoothie or a heartier toast. 

Toastique is not a cheap location to stop by and the single gourmet toast was just over $15. It would have cost well over $30 for me to bring another person and I didn't even grab a drink! 


The portions certainly seem to adhere to healthy portions but as this is a "clean eating" location, it may not be the most filling of meals. Though there are breakfast options that would be enough for some like chia pudding and juice. 

Overall, Toastique is a unique place to try but it's by no means affordable. It was interesting to taste how much different my own avocado toast tastes. If I do go back, I'll spend a few extra bucks and try the Smoked Salmon.  

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