Dating at any age is hard and having to sift through dating apps can be similar to a torture session, and that’s not even talking to the person! 

Helzberg Diamonds, a company that provides beautiful jewelry for happy couples (or not), has been around for a century and has seen a lot of dating trends. Recently the company did a survey on 1,000 individuals looking to find love.  

In 2023 there are a multitude of dating apps to choose from for just about any specific type of person. There are some just for hookups, those who are religious, some geared toward the LGBTQ+ community, and many more. Of course, there's also the possibility you’ll meet the love of your life while on a random stroll through a lovely park.  

Your dogs will tangle you together and the rest is history...but also very unlikely. 

Dating in 2023 is most certainly not a Disney movie as sad as that is. However, there is some hope. 

Helzberg found that more than half of the individuals they surveyed had met “potential partners” via dating apps while the other half hoped to find someone in real life (IRL). Truthfully, it seems that those looking for love are trying dating apps, actively looking for partners IRL, and hoping friends or family members will set them up with “the one”.  

Basically, try it all.  

So why are dating apps so hard? 

There are plenty of reasons but one of the biggest is dishonesty. The study found that 68% found dishonesty to be “the biggest challenge of dating in 2023”. You honestly never know if you’re being catfished, talking to a bot, or an actual serial killer. The odds are usually NOT in your favor. 

Tinder seems to be the most used followed by Plenty of Fish and Bumble. As someone in the dating scene, I hate them all. They make you pay for EVERYTHING, and the pool isn’t always great. Plenty of fish in Utah? HAHAHAHA 

Anyway, I recommend Facebook Dating if you do choose to go down the deep dark path of dating apps.  

Another challenge is going from talking via the app to the actual date. Let's be honest, some people are just absolute flakes, and not only can it be annoying, but it's also rude. Some of us are out here looking for a connection and then Kevin cancels two days in a row? I think not.  

The best (in my opinion) way to meet your future love is through friends and acquaintances. 60% of those surveyed agreed. Who better to set you up than people who KNOW YOU? 

So why do so many people use dating apps if it's an absolute hellscape? 

According to Helzberg, men suffer from fear of rejection in IRL social settings and women suffer from anxiety. However, if you’re brave enough, 49% have said that they’ve had a “great experience meeting potential partners IRL.” 

I wish you all the best of luck during the holiday season to find a great partner whether that’s via dating apps or IRL. May the dating gods look down on you with favor! 


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