Anime has been around for a LONG time, but it’s finally considered mainstream, and it has even reached Utah as a now beloved past time.  

Each state has a preference, or at least an anime they’ve searched for the most. Century Link compiled a list of the most searched anime in each state and Utah’s might surprise you.  

According to the list by Century Link, Attack on Titan was the most searched anime in the Beehive state in 2022. Utah stood out on this list because it was the only state that had looked up Attack on Titan. Does that make it the most watched anime in the state?  

There are no studies on that so it's hard to say.  

The most common searches across the states consisted of Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia.  

Two classics, and newer generation anime that is considered to be in the top three animes of this generation. Naruto stopped airing a while ago but since it’s considered a classic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are still watching it. Naruto and One Piece were considered part of the old “big three” back in the 2010’s.  

For those in the know, One Piece is the longest-running anime of all time, and even though it began in 1999, it's still going strong with over a thousand episodes and a hard-core fan base.  

Even though Attack on Titan topped the charts in Utah, the anime is now over and for a few years, did take the anime community by storm. This anime also has a large fan base and if you go to any Utah ComiCon, you will see AOT gear and cosplay.  

What anime are you watching right now Utah? 


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