Grilled cheese sandwiches are an underrated food, and usually a staple in any state, even Utah.  

Love Food created a list of the best grilled cheeses in every state, and one place in Utah stood out, Cravings Bistro in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  

This is what Love Food had to say about it. 

Cravings Bistro has a tempting array of grilled cheese fillings including the ever-popular Mac ‘n' Cheese and its Monte Cristo, which has turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and house-made mayonnaise on French bread. It’s grilled to the most beautiful golden crisp and comes with raspberry jam, which may sound odd but takes the taste to another level.” 

There are many variations to grilled cheese and one of my personal favorites is adding avocado and bacon to the sandwich.  

Love Food found that there are some crazy types of grilled cheese that each state loves. Some of the commonalities for “best grilled cheese” have mac n’ cheese, pesto, a fruit jam, crab, and at least two types of cheese.  

So, essentially, making grilled cheese at home with just a few extra ingredients is sure to elevate it’s game. Of course, many of the most popular grilled cheeses are served with a side of tomato soup which is a classic.  

If you love ranch, I highly recommend dipping your grilled cheese in it as it’s also a good add-in.  

How do you make your grilled cheese at home to be a little better than just cheese and bread? 

Let me know! 

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