FIVE BELOW in St. George is a treasure trove of weirdness. 

Walking into FIVE BELOW for the first time and seeing the cheap, beautiful weirdness (giphy)
Walking into FIVE BELOW for the first time and seeing the cheap, beautiful weirdness (giphy)

It’s not as cheap as The DOLLAR TREE and it’s not as classy as TARGET, but rather it’s somewhere in between.  Coincidentally, that is exactly where FIVE BELOW is located.

Why so many loud noises?!? ? - Album on Imgur
An accurate description of how you feel when you find a pair of tube socks that say "Slay All Day".

This place has everything. Do you want to get a year's supply of bubble gum?  FIVE BELOW has got you covered. Are you looking for a T-Shirt that tells people how much you like Big Bird?  They have that.

Do you want to find an obscure book about Jesus helping you reach your goals as a dog mom?  I don’t know. I just made that up. If you were to find it, you would probably find it at FIVE BELOW.

When it first opened in St. George, I had never heard of it before. But when I first walked into that glorious museum of beautiful oddities I was immediately struck with amazement.

Not only was I amazed At how much I’ve been over-paying for charge cords and phone cases, but I was also surprised that I could easily gain 10 pounds in two weeks eating just gummy bears.

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When me and the boys see bags of gummy bears are 5 for 5 bucks

But what was I supposed to do? The gummy bears are 5 bags for 5 dollars!!  Do you really expect me to just walk past a deal like that? Completely out of the question.

Come with us now on a journey into the belly of the bargain beast that is FIVE BELOW in St. George. Something tells me this will not be the last time we do this!

Weird Things We Found At 5 Below In St. George Utah

Five Below in St. George is a great place to shop if you like weird stuff.
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