Utah isn’t known for its coffee, but it still boasts several local coffee shops all over the state.  

Here in Southern Utah, there are over 20 coffee shops spanning from Zion National Park through St. George. Yes, a few of them are Starbucks and Dutch Bros but there are quite a few local coffee shops to check out.  

These are Southern Utah's Local Coffee Shops: 

Bear Paw Café 

This may not have been the first place to come to mind, but the Bear Paw Café has been a part of St. George since 1995 and holds a staple place in the community. The family who owns it has been part of a coffee company that originated in Alaska, the website says. After enduring a lot of cold, the family and the coffee company moved to sunny St. George and the business has been on Main St. ever since.  


Bear Paw Café serves two types of drip coffee, Costa Rican and Cabo Azul. Customers are also able to take home ground or whole beans.  

The menu also boasts 10 espresso options in two sizes; 12 ounces and 20 ounces.  

Of course, the café also serves food and boasts excellent pastries dating back to 1989. There are pancakes, eggs benedict and other usual breakfast options as well as sandwiches and burger options for lunch. 

Blues Katz Rock n’ Roll Grill 

Don’t be put off by the word grill because this place also serves a mean breakfast and has some fun coffee options. They do serve drip, Americano, lattes, and all that jazz. However, what makes them unique is the selection of blended frappe coffee drinks.  

Blues Katz has seven different options with some unique flavors like mint cookie or green tea matcha frappe. The prices are reasonable too with the 16-ounce drink at about $5.30 and the 24-ounce drinks at about $6.  

Perks! Espresso & Smoothies

There are several locations of Perks scattered around Southern Utah and even one in Cedar City. The coffee shop has espresso, latte, and a steamed milk and coffee drink called Au Lait among other options. They also have Specialty and Holiday Menu that can be hot, iced or blended drinks.

Perks! also offers breakfast and lunch items like nachos that are vegan friendly. Like the name, they also serve a variety of fruit smoothies with some add ins.

Deep Creek Coffee Co. 

This one may be out of the way for those who don’t live near Springdale but, it boasts a 4.7 rating on Google Reviews. Getting to Zion National Park early in the morning and needing an extra boost for those blistering hikes is the whole reason to include Deep Creek Coffee Co. in this list. 

This coffee shop offers just about any drink that falls under the regular coffee menu but there are loads of options to choose from. There are even 10 local favorites lattes and mochas that have interesting flavors like the white rose latte.  

They even have several non-caffeine drinks to choose from with loose leaf teas and smoothies available to order.  

The pricing is also cheap and even the largest coffee is $8. 

River Rock Roasting Company 

In La Verkin, River Rock Roasting Company is a local favorite. They serve a “variety of fresh roasted coffee” and espresso drinks along with a full menu of food. The menu has all the regular items and some blended coffee drinks for caffeine fiends. The prices are fair and even the largest size blended coffee is only $5.  


For those who like a hearty meal, this place is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, coffee is available all day.  

The company also likes to use local goods when possible and works with other local businesses for baked goods. 

FeelLove Coffee 

This place has grown so much in just a few short years, and with multiple locations, it’s another local favorite. There are a few pages worth of drinks on the menu for both tea and coffee drinks. They have multiple choices with signature lattes, espressos, signature tea lattes, and just about everything in between.  

This coffee shop uses unusual ingredients in its drinks like turmeric, butter, fruit, and all sorts of different things. Don’t let those odd ingredients sway you though, because St. Georgians love this place. One location is a café style which has become a meeting and work hub spot with a uniquely decorated inside. 

It’s not uncommon for those of all ages to be seen inside the coffee shop with a laptop or book sipping away at a drink.  

There are of course chain locations for coffee like Starbucks in Southern Utah, but these options are the local's favorite coffee haunts.  



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