People all over the U.S. are looking forward to the release of part one of Bridgerton Season three and Utah is no exception. 

Since the popular Netflix show debuted, the regency era has become a fascination. People host parties with the theme, weddings, and even actual balls. Utah even has its own version of regency balls that have been held in past years.  

Last year, Thanksgiving Point in Lehi held a regency ball in July with refreshments, English country dances, and costumes. Though all those heavy layered dresses sound terrible for Summer, the idea is beyond cool. 

Though this event has never come to Utah you can get the full Bridgerton experience through something called The Queen’s Ball. With all the parts of a true Bridgerton ball, this event has been in countless cities and even to Utah’s close neighbor Denver, CO.  

Costumes and dances are part of the immersive experience! 

Though most of these events are not happening in Utah there are still some fun ways to celebrate the premier of Bridgerton dropping its third season right here in the state. 

Host Your Own Ball 

Though it may take some time to plan, there is no reason you can’t host your own regency ball in your backyard. Look up some dances, order a dress and invite some friends over! You can make cute little tea sandwiches and enjoy a homemade Bridgerton experience.  

Make English Foods 

If getting dressed up and having a bunch of people over sounds lame, make a night of it for yourself and maybe just a few friends. You can still make tea sandwiches and have your friends create their own for a potluck. Then sit down and eat while the premier plays! 


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