Southern Utah is in SERIOUS need of a fairy ball! If you have no idea what that is, no worries. 

After the pandemic, those who spent it becoming obsessed with dashing princes, and fantasy adventures had the brilliant idea of bringing back good old-fashioned balls. Yes, balls, like back during the days of kings and queens.  

Utah has beautiful backdrops making this a prime location to dress up, take pictures, and pretend you’re in a fantasy world.  

With shows like “Bridgerton” capturing the hearts of many book and TV lovers, the idea of stepping into the universe of a fantasy world is very alluring. So, people all over the country, and in the UK too have been planning these themed balls.  

Salt Lake City has been joining the trend as well. This year, the Starfall Ball held at the UT State Capitol Building was themed “high fantasy”. This ball was hosted by Book Bound. These events are usually held in May and June, however there are exceptions. 

So, what does one do at a ball? 

Dressing up is an absolute must even if you aren’t a hardcore cosplayer. It adds to the fun of the event plus, who doesn’t want to look like an epic fantasy character?! There are usually refreshments, music, dancing, and sometimes entertainment but mostly it’s about the vibe.  

I think Pine Valley or even Zion would be FANTASTIC places to host a ball in Southern Utah. The forest backdrops or magical views at Zion would make the whole event come together.  

Do you think Southern Utah should host a ball and would you go? 

I know I would! 

Hangar Dance At Western Sky Museum

Hangar Dance At Western Sky Museum

Gallery Credit: Photos by Shelly Griffin

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