Utah is a GREAT place to go camping, especially with the diverse locations scattered throughout the state. 

Utah.com compiled a list of the best places to camp in the state. They list 14 different camping sites but I’m not much of a camper so I can’t say if these spots are any good. They sure are beautiful though! 

Goblin Valley 

The name alone sounds pretty cool. Goldin Valley State Park is made up of “goblin statues and formations” the Utah State Parks website said. If you enjoy the idea of hanging out in a place that’s often compared to Mars, this is the camping spot for you.  

Mirror Lake 

Just as the name suggests, this campground sits near a crystal-clear lake surrounded by trees and mountain ranges. It’s a truly scenic spot and perfect for late summer and early fall camping. It reminds me a bit of something out of a fantasy book. I bet its gorgeous views are great for early mornings.  

Skyline Drive 

If you REALLY want to get away, go visit Skyline Drive. It’s the highest road in Utah elevation-wise and provides a real out-in-nature vibe. You will need four-wheel-drive in some places, Utah.com said. There are lakes and campgrounds you can find on the drive. You’ll be up in a mountainous range with quite the view.  

Smith and Morehouse  

This is another beautiful lakeside camping spot. The Smith and Morehouse Reservoir is a large lake surrounded by tall trees that provide the perfect nature escape. There is also a nearby town to check out if you do actually want to see people.  

To see a full list, check out Utah.com but these seem like the coolest places either way! 


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