BigShots Golf is the nightlife St. George needs but is also so much more. 

Located off Black Mountain Dr., BigShots offers games, golf, and delicious foods. It’s a fantastic hangout spot with a golf driving range that makes the game fun, even for those who have no skills with a club.  

BigShots has some unique goals and works to build their community relationships, Owner Tony Piersanti said.  

“We have community partnerships wherever we build one of these things. So, in all of our locations, with the exception of I think one, we have a partnership group that builds the building, and has a small continual ownership in it,” Piersanti said. “So, this one was built by Larry Christensen with some partners and has maintained a pretty decent size, community support from that partnership group. So even though it is corporately managed, it very much has a very community orientated feel...They may find the franchise but the heart of it is in St. George through that partnership group.” 

The employees at BigShots are also so friendly and you can feel the excitement when you walk in the doors. Piersanti said they focus heavily on “people come first” and allowing their employees to maintain a work-life balance.  

That means great service is guaranteed and no bad vibes while you're out hitting golf balls.  

Another great feature of BigShots is the FOOD! They have a scratch kitchen meaning no frozen burger patties or pizzas. The menu is “bar food” but with the highest quality.  


Event Coordinator for BigShots, Breelyn Milburn said one of her favorite foods is the smash burgers.  

“I love the burgers, they’re smash burgers. They (the kitchen) couple it with just great toppings and then delicious sauce. They're juicy. They're good.,” Milburn said. 

One of the fan favorites of BigShots is the pizza which will be coming back very soon so keep your eyes out.  


On Milburn's recommendation I tried the BigShots Burger, and I will now be driving 20 minutes to grab this thing every time I have a craving. It has both yellow and white American cheese, the Shot sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.  

The onions were super well done and cut thinly and the mix of it all was absolutely delicious. It might be the best burger I’ve ever had in St. George. 

The fries were crispy and well-seasoned and have made it to my top spot of fries in St. George. Plus, the portion of fries was generous.  

If the games and food don’t already have you interested, there is a deal for a $50 gift certificate for the place for $25 right now. So, you can check it out for half the price. Click here. 

However, I highly recommend hitting up this family-friendly place for a unique night out or going during the day for an amazing lunch. 

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