Higher education rates always seem to be fluctuating and states are constantly trying to have not only the best reputations but the best costs.  

A study conducted by Invezz.com revealed the best states for higher education. The site looked at multiple statistics including tuition and fees and room and board costs with data from places like Rentable.  

For public four-year higher education, the best out-of-state costs are in South Dakota of all places. The cost of higher education is $21,186 per year according to Invezz.com. Coming in second place is North Dakota at $22,758 a year.  

Following that is Wyoming at $24,957 per year and then New Mexico at $28,222 per year.  

In fifth place is Utah with a grand total of $29,192 per year for those from out of state. The state has several well-known schools like Utah State University, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University. In Southern Utah there is Southern Utah University and the rising Utah Tech University (no, it’s not just a tech school) with four-year programs.   

Utah comes in third for in-state tuition costs, only beaten by Wyoming ($5,220) and Florida ($6,360). For in-state students in Utah, it costs about $6,790 for higher education at a public institution. Not bad.  

One way that Utah has seen students pay for their college education is through FAFSA which went up 39% in 2017-2018, according to the Utah System of Higher Education. There are a ton of grants and scholarships available to students who know where to look.  

So, whether you’re coming from out of state or are a local, Utah is a pretty affordable place to get your degree.  


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