Finding the right gift is not easy.

I recently had a conversation with someone about a horrible Christmas gift she received from her husband.  After laughing about it for a while, I realized that this is probably more common than we want to believe.

There are a few times in my childhood when I remember horrible gifts my dad gave.  One gift was a library rental for my mom for Mothers Day. 

That look she gives you when she gets a used breast pump for Christmas. (Canva)
That look she gives you when she opens her used breast pump. (Canva)

 After looking around the internet for some terrible gifts, I found a few that really stand out.  Their names will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.  Hopefully you've never given any of these to people you supposedly love.

  • “When I was in High School, I got a book from Santa called “Coping with being adopted”.  It was news to me.”
  • “I had left some video games in my mom's room.  My mom found them and assumed my dad had bought them as Christmas gifts for me.  So for Christmas, I got my own games.”
  • “My grandma once gave me a jogging suit, body wash, and cologne for Christmas. This wasn't a disappointing gift until she explained, "If you use this stuff, then maybe you could finally get a date."
  • “My girlfriend got a Weight Watchers membership for her birthday when she turned 12.”
"He got me a Weight Watchers plan for Christmas." (Canva)
"Yeah, he got me a dish cloth for Christmas so lets sign this thing." (Canva)
  • “I got an xbox one controller... I don't have an xbox”
  • "50 pounds of russet potatoes."
  • "A ceramic jar for holding dog treats when I was 15, when we had JUST given our dog away. Miss you, Rascal."
  • "My grandma bought me an ornament with the name Eric on it. My name is Morgan."
  • "A bottle of raccoon urine. Not joking. A completely sealed, brand-new bottle of raccoon urine."
  •  "A now ex gave me an engagement ring for herself, on the idea that I would use it to propose to her. She also gave specific instructions on how and when I should do it, as well as stipulations that she would be the one planning our wedding."

If you think any of these make good gifts, maybe you should just stick to giving cards with cash in them.

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