Tomorrow is National Dog Day and it’s a fact that Southern Utahns LOVE their dogs. It's almost impossible to not see a dog while driving around, taking a walk, or just chilling in your front yard. They are everywhere.  

Aug. 26 in National Dog Day and it's been established since 2004, the National Day Calendar said. It's an opportunity for dog appreciation in general but also to bring focus to all the shelter pets who need homes.  

In St. George, there are several city-owned animal shelters, and three rescue organizations PAWS, Jackson Day Animal Rescue, and RSQ Utah. The area never has a shortage of animals who need to be adopted dogs or not. However, there is a shortage of people who are able to or want to adopt.  

It’s a common complaint that many apartments and houses for rent don’t allow pets (yes, I know they have their reasons) and this can heavily impact the amount of people who are able to adopt.  

Another issue is that those looking to get a dog often want purebred and that pretty much eliminates any mixes, which are most common, at the shelters. Adopt, don’t shop is a common saying in the dog world for this very reason.  

So, for National Dog Day, if you’re able, consider adopting a dog from the local shelters and rescues.  

Other Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day: 

  • Visit the shelters and sign up to volunteer 
  • Share photos of adoptable dogs on social media 
  • Donate to local rescues. This can be funds or supplies.  
  • Take your dog out for a little adventure. 
  • Treat them to a pup cup. 
  • Head over to Doggy Bakes and grab your fur friend a special treat. 


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