Today is National Potato Chip Day!


According to the National Day Calendar, the potato chip came to be when a customer complained about the sogginess of his potatoes to Chef George Crum in 1853. After adding some salt and frying the thinly sliced potatoes, the newly dubbed “Saratoga Chips” remained on the menu. 


It's possible that there are earlier references to one of the most beloved salty snacks in the world. Still, it was during the 1870s that “Saratoga Chips' ' became heavily advertised, according to the National Day Calendar. 


Southern Utah has a few places to celebrate the potato chip outside of grabbing a bag at the local store. 


  • Wing Nutz- This chicken wing stop has a unique spin on the potato chip. Its ruffled potato crisps are slightly larger than your average Lays and a bit thicker. It comes in three flavors: plain, spicy, and mixed. 

 250 Red Cliffs Dr #24, St. George, UT 84790

  • Tifiny’s Creperie-Tifiny’s is an all-day food place that has a variety of crepes and desserts. They also make homemade potato chips that are a fan favorite according to Google reviews.  

 567 S Valley View Dr, St. George, UT 84770

  • Twisted Noodle Café- This healthy eats shop offers homemade potato chips in several different ways and caters to vegan and vegetarian dietary restrictions. They also offer a plate of truffle-parmesan chips for those looking for a unique National Potato Chip Day experience. 

20 N Main St Ste 108, St. George, UT 84770

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